Golden Globes Sizzling Looks 2014


Awards season has started and today we are kick off with the most awaited of them all, the Golden Globes awards. Check out the most sought after actresses of the moment and their beautiful dresses at the red carpet.


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Which ones did you liked, which ones did you hate?


Come on girls, push yo titties, put your lips on, and fix your wig cause we’re getting into a whole new year. HA!

For some people, resolutions are as important as Viagra and leather, you gotta have it or you can’t function! But let’s stop Ricky Martin around and get real.

Just because we entered a new year doesn’t mean you magically change. Or do we?

Coming from my New Years Eve party, in the bumpy ride home, I started hearing people talking about their resolutions for the new year and how they were going to change and break their bad habits as if by next Monday. I was sitting there thinking, shouldn’t they be passed out from all the alcohol they drank or at least stop pounding the car window, my head hurts.

All of the hype for 2014, left me questioning, if we really end up accomplishing our new years resolution? And if not, isn’t that another way to feel disappointed for not doing what you were supposed to do?

Imagine your future ahead, your aspirations, your dreams. Now look at your present, there’s something wrong, something you can’t shake off and its all the rules, all the pressure, it’s exhausting.

Don’t you feel somebody watching over your shoulder, someone always trying to rule your life? Telling you what to do, how to do it?  Marry at this age, get a good paying job, have kids, dress this way, get into a good college, eat that, don’t eat that. Society plays a big role into that pressure, even the people closest to you. I think every generation passes through it everyday, be it by their bosses, husband or wife, work etc. The insistence of becoming successful, the no room for failure, I definitely feel dissatisfied by this dominion over me. A life would be no life if people followed all the rules, it would become a routine, no one would discover something new, create or inspire anyone.

At such a young age with this frustrations and people saying that you got your whole life ahead of you, is like putting your future in a pedestal. I say imma do ma thang, do whatever I want and make my dreams come true in my own way. The only important resolution really is to be happy so let’s not conform. Little by little, month by month, set little goals to feel the satisfaction.

This month is perfect to experiment and revolutionize who you are, that’s my little goal. Rebel a little. You can start with your closet.

How would you dress for such a change you ask? Here it is..

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How do you feel about the new year, how are you going to change?

The Secret Power

There’s  power in feeling confident, the feeling you can do anything, unafraid. The freedom it brings, irresistible.

Tonight I wanna reveal to you the secrets of shinning a light to your inner Yoncé. To do so we must know that to acquire such power of confidence, we must be in a state of happiness and motivation, to be able to achieve anything, even feeling free to reinvent oneself.

But what is happiness? Is it laying next to Ryan Gosling’s bare chest, for the rest of your life? Close, pretty close, but no, cause by the time McHottie wakes up, you will notice he has about the same voice pitch as your mother’s and realize it was just her calling you to wake the eff up for the third time, annoying.

According to the beloved pacifist, old guy with no teeth, Mahatma Gandhi, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” Let that sink in and reevaluate. If you do, you can learn to break the patterns of the past, an immensely valuable skill.

Hopefully we are able to look into 2013’s highs and lows and learn to make better mistakes for 2014. To become a happy, confident, strong woman is my New Years resolution. I think everybody is looking for happiness as well, but that’s something that shouldn’t be looked for, since it comes from within and it’s our decision to be in harmony.

When you are in that state of happiness you feel so invincible and motivated to do anything. Now that we know the key to happiness comes from the mind and your actions being Nsync, the secret to maintaining it, is to never let others or yourself sabotage it. Learn to value, accept yourself and celebrate by reinventing and having control of you.

Everyone has emotional issues, that’s ok, sharing and talking about it helps you feel liberated and less lonely. This complicity of others with you is rewarding, it teaches you that you are probably not the only one experiencing this journey. Why to reinvent you ask? It’s quite simple, to explore every possibility of self. To love every part of our insane bipolarness and embrace it as one, confidence.

Be the master of your own image rather than letting others define it for you. Working on yourself like clay should be one of your greatest and most pleasurable life tasks. It makes you in essence an artist. Sometimes you may fall, but understand that this is just the mere process of life to transform and regain balance. Sometimes to lose balance is part of living a balanced life.

There’s a quote that says ”To create, we must destroy”. I say that we must annihilate our self doubts, sacrifice time for ourselves, to get to know our every capacity and mind, and through this reconstruct a more healthy and stronger human being.  You must realize this power you have over yourself and one day even consider reconstructing a better world.

The women that is an inspiration for me and for a lot of women is Beyoncé. She teaches by example to learn to love being a woman, to be independent, to dream and be passionate. Life brings you everything you want when you have a vision and work hard, stepping out of your comfort zone.

Happy New Year, hope you kick 2014’s ass!

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Gift a Bling and Other Things…

Christmas gift guide

Christmas gift guide

Ah! Almost Christmas, just woke up, cup of coffee in hand, enjoying this time of year. Aren’t we all waiting for a big fat man with a white long beard to deliver our most deserved presents? Assuming you still believe in Santa tho. Here’s hoping we don’t receive a big lump of coal, ala Angelica Pickles in The Rugrats.

 Moving forward, I’m here melting my panties to Michael Bublé’s sweet, charming voice. His music makes me feel the joyful and hopeful holiday spirits again. Imagining the fun holiday parties to come and its presents. But do I really wanna go to the party bearing no gifts for ma people?

Heck no. So if you, like me, haven’t gotten your lazy ass off the bed and into the mall, don’t you lose your marbles, I got some gift ideas for ya. How do I know what to give to people? The answer is I don’t. I just assume they will like it, cause you can’t go wrong with this. If your gift is for a girl, then she probably wants to shine bright like a diamond for New Years and you should too. Nothing like last-minute shopping to feel the pressure, adrenaline rush and excitement. ( Let it not be this, your motto for life)

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Jewelry like this, are for the curious cases of des fashion people et its followers, this pieces are scene-stealers that become essentially the absolute protagonist of the outfit. They could be very simple and small or over sized and spectacular. The girl who receives her gift will be happy to infuse a touch of shine and preciousness into her life, a much-needed one. This can easily be bought from Zara or other fast-fashion markets, which I usually buy from, since their jewelry can pass for a high-end type.

A hundred pieces of jewelry later and a beanie, this sweater weather season deserves a little color from the Olympia le-Tan embroidered clutches, that are so adorable, they will be having tons of fans, naturally. You may even do a DIY inspired clutch and add you favorite Christmas book cover on it. You might also think of buying sweet-scented candles, stylish beanies, bundly and festive sweaters, or makeup essentials. But lets not forget about helping your girlfriend to cure her flake-full, scar face this winter, cause you ain’t saying hello to that lil friend, unless she tries some Lush moisturizer set. Afterwards you could put the gifts in a Christmasy stocking, separating each kit and putting some holiday candy in, yummy!!

What are you buying your peeps this christmas?

Made in Colombia

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Hello my compadres, guess what? There’s a new fashion blogger in town… shocker!

This new blogger grew up in the coastal city of Barranquilla, Colombia, and no darlings here we don’t have drug deals err’day. Just casually on Mondays to put some picante in our week, doesn’t everybody?

But seriously, we don’t live in a forest and we most certainly don’t carry guns as purses, that would be silly. In fact, we are quite civilized, modern, and fun people.

We have many amazing festivities we celebrate effusively in Colombia, one of them is the famous Carnival of Barranquilla, an excuse for drinking and dancing in plain daylight. It’s a four-day celebration with our cultural music that takes place in the main streets of the city, with as much people as possible, everyone is invited. No jobs or school during does days, it’s all about enjoying each other and turning up the volume. Costumed people, smiling people everywhere, maizena and foam flowing in the air like snow, alcohol partout and the music unifies all our energies together.

One of the main things that characterizes us is that we are very relaxed or as we say in spanish slang ” relajao “. Here we enjoy the days, because there’s not too much stress and we don’t worry about time, since it seems to pass so slowly. We are a bunch of coffee lovers, soccer fanatics, and family centered peeps. We also are education enthusiasts, most kids finish school being bilingual or trilingual, and travel around the world learning from different cultures and their languages. Examples of successful Colombians from my city are the funny actress/model Sofia Vergara, and the hips-don’t-lie singer Shakira both fierce, inspiring women famously known worldwide.

The city’s colorfulness, folklore, and open-mindedness agenda made me fantasize about the many possibilities of a great future. Making it big somewhere, with the same motivation.

My name is Karina Terrazas, and I’m a fashion design student at Parsons, The New School for design. I fell in love first with art, with anything manual, anything i could create with my imagination, it could be painted, drawn, sculptured or glittered. I started painting since I was seven or younger, I still have many of the paintings and drawings I did. I was obsessed with TV, and wanted to imitate the actresses, singers plus wear their fabulous dresses. I was acting in the mirror with made up stories, singing in the shower and performing little dances in 1st or 2nd grade in front of my classmates, of course I wasn’t alone, other four lunatics were dancing with me.

I always wanted to explore my artistic side, something that would make me tick with excitement. I found fashion to be the answer, it encompasses most of what I was already doing and now I can incorporate writing into it.The reason i want to start a blog is because I wanna help people to understand more about the culture of fashion, more than just the trends, but admiring the dedication, understanding its evolution, where the inspiration comes from, the fantasy, its muses, and its bull-poop.

My inspiration to start documenting my thoughts about fashion in a blog was Leandra Medine, The Man Repeller. For me it was a relieve to find someone who didn’t have a stick up their arse while talking about fashion. She makes it fun, which is what I always considered it to be. I chose the name Comme des Fashion for my blog after the famous anti-logo shirt like Comme des Fuckdown, but this time adapting it to a different meaning. Comme des Fashion in English means: like fashion. It is supposed to be my thoughts related to the fashion world,  how I think fashion is in every aspect of our lives, life-like fashion. The way how we drink our coffee, with your pinkie up or not, how you walk on the sidewalk, are you doing the twirl, the hands on you hip, the swaying of your bosom, the blank stare, how you talk to people, what you listen to, where you eat, who inspires you, all related to fashion since the industry influences masses of people through the power of images, words, videos,and music about the culture des la mode and its people, then everybody subconsciously or consciously picks it up and applies it in their lives.